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Yet Another Bottled Water Concern

Bottled WaterRegarding bottled water, the BPA issue has been put to bed — or at least that’s what has been written– and now a new problem has presented itself. According to researchers at the University of New York at Fredonia plastic microfibers are appearing in bottled water. Not so good.

250 samples from a list of who’s who in bottled water were tested. Samples from 9 countries and representing 11 brands were included and 90% had an average of 10.4 of these fibers per liter of water. This is twice what was found in tap water based on an earlier test. Bottled water is more expensive than tap water and now you know you’re possibly getting something more for the money — wanted or not.

The unknowns at this time are the composition of the plastic, its source, and the adverse health effects. Drink up— someday the study will wind its way through layers of bureaucracy and we’ll know if plastic microfibers are a viable dietary supplement. Or you can take charge, eliminate this whoops and other unknowns in bottled water, save money and help the environment by installing a VibrantH2o Water Reverse Osmosis unit in your home. It will:

– Filter your drinking water to 0.001 microns 1/75000 of a human hair. Plastic microfibers be damned.

– Remove 90%+ of dissolved solids from your water along with chlorine and chloramines

– Reduce bacteria, viruses and cysts to virtually zero

– Protect you from pharmaceuticals, insecticides, pesticides, radioactive materials

Enjoy great water and stay healthy!

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