Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

whole house reverse osmosis system


Vibrant Water Solutions is the water treatment industry leader in the design and performance of whole house reverse osmosis systems.  We are a full line manufacturer of large residential and commercial applications.

Whole house reverse osmosis systems are custom built based on detailed laboratory testing of the water to be treated.  The equipment can be designed for municipal or well.  When designing well water treatment, we take into consideration the depth of the well.  This gives us an idea of the future quality of the water.  Shallow wells are unpredictable and are subject to radical changes as deeper wells tend to be more consistent, therefore, with shallow wells, we may recommend additional water treatment methods to cover needs in the future.

Next, we consider additional variables for the reverse osmosis system: the size of the home, the size of the plumbing coming into the home, whether or not the home is on septic or municipal sewer, and where the equipment is to be placed.  Once we have all the above information, we engineer a system specifically for your needs.

Our whole house reverse systems require very little maintenance.  We typically suggest annual service of changing the pre-filtration cartridges and a simple inspection of equipment, which is minimal cost to the consumer.  We have records where homeowners have gone up to three years without needing any service.  One of our most notable clients, NASA has one of these systems they use for plating on space craft.  Their system produced over 10,000,000 gallons before service was needed.

Creating balanced water for your entire home as nature intended it to be.

We take pride in setting our systems apart from the others.  Vibrant Water offers these exclusive options:

  • 500 to 25,000 Gallon per day production capability
  • All items except atmospheric storage tank built on aluminum skid
  • Frame on wheels for ease of installation
  • Maxi Cure 3000 unit for pre-treatment.  Media used is based on water analysis results.
  • R.O. unit with polyamide (TFC) membrane technology
  • Designed for 50% recovery and 98% rejection
  • Rotary vane or multi stage centrifugal pressure pump
  • Three pressure gauges
  • Flow meters for measuring waste and product production
  • High and low pressure safety switches
  • Two 2.5” X 20” pre-filters.  Five micron sediment and carbon block
  • Adjustable valves for re-circulation and discharge to drain
  • Automatic membrane flush upon system start up to maintain consistent water quality
  • Three tank switches. System on / system off / re-pressure pump control
  • Digital Water quality monitor on product water line
  • Complete 12 gallon per minute @ 50 psi re-pressure pump system.
  • Larger pumps are available based on size of home and plumbing size
  • Ultra violet disinfection as final protection
  • 120v, 208v-240v single or three phase electrical
  • One-three hundred gallon storage tank 35” diameter x 81” tall

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