Whole House Water Conditioneraquafer whole house water conditioner

Vibrant offers a complete line of whole house water conditioners.  Our completely environmentally Hybrid Water Conditioner called the Aquafer water source is the most popular.  The Aquafer combines scale prevention with heavy metal reduction and chlorine removal.  Our patented process not only treats your water for hardness related issue, but makes municipal water healthy and safe for general use.  For fluoride removal, simply we simply add a hydroxyl appetite filter which removes organics and fluoride and further improves the overall taste and water quality.


Vibrant’s Maxi-Cure water filter is designed for two types of water supplies: Municipal and Well Water.maxi cure whole house water conditioner

For well water applications, we first test your water to familiarize ourselves with your water chemistry.  Every well is different and there is no single system that will treat every well efficiently.  Knowing the specific water chemistry of your well will allow us build a system that will remedy your exact water treatment needs.  The Maxi-Cure can be built to handle iron, hardness, sediment and can be designed to be set up with ultraviolet, ozone and chemical feed systems for microbial related issues.  For Municipal applications, the Maxi-Cure is engineered to compete with the carbon based back-washing whole house filter systems.  Our patented scale prevention device combined with the highest quality coconut shell carbon will assure the customer of safe and healthy water in their home, business for many applications.

If you are looking for a traditional style salt based water softener, Vibrant Water Engineering offers the most efficient water and salt saving equipment in the industry today.

whole house water conditioner

Our water softeners are metered with digital technology assuring our customers they will have continual soft water with the least amount of salt and water usage possible.  We just don’t sell you a system.  Vibrant will test your water for hardness.  Then considering the size of your home, plumbing size, and family size, recommend a system that will suit your needs.  Many water conditioning companies only offer a few models and types.  Our softeners can be designed for treating hardness, iron, nitrates, mixed bed, arsenic and many other contaminants.