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Well Water Information - glass of treated well water

Vibrant Water Engineering produces Water Filters for many applications.  Water Filers can be designed for simple sediment removal where water passes though a single layer up to technologies were media and processes actually change the chemistry of the water.

Water Filters for Home and Residential Applications:

The primary concern for water filtration is to make the water safe for drinking.  Municipalities do a good job processing the water to make it potable for their consumers.  Many homeowners prefer to take the filtration process several steps to further improve the quality of their water.  Water filters for homes can be engineered for whole house water filtration or point of use water filtration.

There are several point of use water filters available.  Taste and Odor Water Filters are designed to improve the overall taste of the water.  Most of these water filters are a combination of layered filtration for sediment removal and some type of carbon to improve the taste and remove chlorine from the water.  A new process media called KDF has become very popular for taste and odor improvement.  KDF lasts much longer than activated carbon and treats the water by altering the chemistry of the water.  Reverse osmosis is another popular form of point of use water filtration.  Point of use water filters are usually installed under the kitchen sink and are used for drinking water as well as coffee, tea, juices, cooking, washing vegetables and fruits, etc.

Water filters for homes can be designed for whole house water filtration.  Whole house water filters are typically installed at the main, incoming water line.  These filters can be designed for any type of water related issue including, mechanically softening the water, scale prevention, contaminant removal, purification, alteration of water chemistry, taste and odors.  These systems can be designed from the very simple process to very complex systems depending on the desired end result.

Water Filters for Commercial and Industrial Applications: Commercial Water Filters are always custom engineered by Vibrant Water based on the customers requirements and the quality of the product water needed.  Commercial water filters can be simple water filters for sediment removal, scale prevention, contaminant removal, mechanical water softening, altering of water chemistry, reverse osmosis systems, bacteria control, de-ionization and many others.

Depending on your water chemistry and concerns, Vibrant Water can custom engineer and design a water filtration system for your specific needs.  Vibrant Water specializes in water analysis and product recommendations for any water issue.