Vibrant offers one of the few on site full service laboratories for water testing and analysis.  We provide well water testing, municipal, sea water, ponds, rivers, streams, lakes or anywhere you get your water from.  We have the capability of providing water testing for the following elements:

water testing lab

Hardness (gpg) – Calcium (gpg) – Magnesium (gpg) – Iron (ppm) – Settled (ppm) – Shaken (ppm) – pH – Alkalinity (ppm) – TDS (ppm) – Silica (ppm) – Nitrate (N ppm) – Mn (ppm) – Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) – Tannins – Oil Iron Bacteria – Arsenic – Copper – Dissolved Oxygen – Carbon Dioxide – Chloride – Turbidity – Clarity – Odor

Because Vibrant Water wants to make certain we have recommended the correct equipment for the type of water you have, we strongly recommend water testing before purchasing any water treatment system.  For most municipal applications, Vibrant has access to most municipal water test results throughout the United States and can make product recommendations from them.

For more information on water testing, please contact us.

Research Facility: Vibrant’s full time Engineers and Developers are constantly working to find ways to make water treatment more environmentally friendly than ever.  We have patented no waste water conditioners for municipal water, no waste scale inhibitors and high efficiency water softeners. Our DRO-100 Reverse Osmosis system has a one to one rejection ratio and is the longest lasting in the industry, thanks to our research and development team.  Our specialty is the engineering, designing and manufacturing of custom applications.  From simple filtration to the most complex water treatment for injection, Vibrant can design a system that you can be confident will perform to your expectations.

For more information on testing and research, please contact our engineering department.