made-in-the-usaPurifiers and Filters for Water Stores

filtration systems for water stores

Bottled Water Machines and Systems

filtration systems for water sales filtration systems for water sales

Vibrant Water has participated in the construction of many water stores and bottled water plants in the United States, Japan, Malaysia and South America.  We have designed and engineered bottled water systems for small stores in shopping centers up to 60,000 gallon per day systems for bottled water plants.  Our Engineers are on staff ready to assist you in the Design, Engineering, Construction and Installation of any type of bottled water product you want to market to your customers.

Here are just a few kinds of water we can produce in any kind of combination for your marketing purposes:

Distilled Water
Water with specific minerals added in for supplements or taste:
Alkaline Water
Oxygen Injection
Aerated Water
Vortex-ed Water
Water with specific Frequencies or Vibrations