Service and Repair

Since Vibrant Water is a manufacturer of filtration systems, our service and technical support team is second to none and our rates are the best in our area.  Vibrant water offers residential and commercial water filter repair and service in San Diego County for automatic back washing filters, water conditioners, basic water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, nano filtration systems and water softeners.

In addition to water filter repair, Vibrant Water stocks one of largest inventories of water filter replacement cartridges in San Diego and Temecula areas.  Vibrant offers replacement filters and parts for reverse osmosis membranes, filter media, filter cartridges, ultra violet systems, nano filters, de-ionizers.

Bulk Filter Media and Carbon in San Diego: Vibrant Water offers a large inventory of bulk filter media for many applications.

Here are a few examples of the filter media we carry in our Vista, CA location:
Bulk Activated Carbon, Water Softening Resin, Filter Ag, Acid Washed Carbon, Catalytic Carbon Taste and Odor, Manganese Greensand, MTM, Birm Filter AG, Filter AG Plus, Garnet, Multi Media Blended based on Conditions, Pyrolox Non Chemical Iron, H2S, Calcite, Corosex, KDF, Anthracite, Fine Mesh Resin, Nitrate Resin, Tannin Resin, Cation Hydrogen Resin, Anion Hydroxyl Resin and Mixed Bed Resin.