Water Conditioner vs. Water Softener

What is the difference?

It’s a common comparison, water conditioner vs water softener. Which one do you choose? Which one is better? The purpose of both systems is to treat hard water.  Hard Water is the calcium and magnesium in your water which is responsible for scale build up, water spots, premature failure of appliances and plumbing fixtures.

water conditioner vs water softener diagram and flow chart

Water softeners

Water softeners treat water by exchanging the hardness minerals with salt.  This process has been around since the early 1900s.  Below are some characteristics of water softeners:

  • Will prevent scale build up in appliances
  • Utilizes salt which requires frequent replacement
  • Requires a drain to discharge excess salt and minerals
  • Water will feel slippery, silky or slimy when washing with soap.
  • Will produce better results with laundry and dish washing.
  • Can cause etching of glassware in dishwashers due to the corrosiveness of salt.
  • Can cause leaks in pipes due to corrosive salt.
  • Requires continued maintenance and monitoring of equipment.

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Water Conditioners

Water Conditioners typically treat hard water without salt.  There are many types of water conditioners on the market today.  Every system is different and they all vary in effectiveness.  We have a patented unique process of conditioning water that we are very proud of.  Below are some characteristics of our salt free water conditioner:

  • Will prevent scale build up in appliances
  • Does not utilize salt
  • Removes harmful chlorine, bad tastes,  heavy metals, and prevents bacteria growth in the water.
  • Conditioned water will tend to sheet.
  • Laundry and dishes will rinse off and dry easier
  • Feels like water that has been softened naturally, similar to spring water.
  • Treats water for drinking, bathing and cleaning.
  • Will provide approximately 2,000,000 gallons of Maintenance Free water
  • No drains or electricity needed

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