Vibrant Water White Papers and Brochures

boron reduction unit

White Paper: Boron, Good, Bad, Removal

If boron is in the water above a safe level for the intended species of plant, Dime Water, Inc. can be of help. Boron has a very low surface energy which makes it virtually impossible to remove with standard reverse osmosis, so variants of seawater (desal) R.O. units must be employed with varying levels of success.

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magnetic water treatment

White Paper: Magnetic Water Treatment

Before going into detail on how magnets affect water, it is important to understand the water molecule (H2O or H-O-H). The water compound molecule has two physical characteristics that separate it from virtually all of nature’s other compound molecules.

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Structured Water

White Paper: Structured Water

The term structured water appears in early 20th Century writings referencing Victor Schauberger as an observer of moving natural water such as a stream increasing the viability of water in plants and humans and Albert Szent-Gyorgyi a physicist and chemist who early on postulated (accurately as recently
proven) water with a liquid crystalline structure enhanced by light (photon) energy.

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nutrient delivery

Brochure: Nutrient Delivery System

Growing crops indoors without soil by using a HYDROPONIC or AEROPONIC process is becoming extremely popular. Often called URBAN FARMING these farms are not dependent on the weather, require less space especially when growth trays are stacked, and offer shortened growth cycles through the use of LED lamps.

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Brochure: Irrigation Water Saver

Unharness the powers of nature and science to improve plant penetration of even brackish water with less water needed. A low electric voltage is induced in the water by its flow through a strategically placed, strong (neodymium) magnetic field.

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Aquafer Water Source

Brochure: Aquafer Whole House Water Conditioner

Improves soil percolation and better root propagation by lowering the surface tension of the water. Eliminates scale buildup on icemakers, steamers, boilers and makes better drinking water.

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