Vibrant Water Press Releases

irrigation water conditioning


With drought conditions predicted in 2021 and 2022 for much of the world and the western US in particular, treatment opportunities for water professionals should be significant.

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boron reduction unit

BORON—Friend or foe?

Both the medical and the agricultural communities refer to boron as a micronutrient. In this status, some presence of boron is vital to human and animal development as well as plant health. For humans and animals, boron works in concert with vitamin D to assist the assimilation of calcium which is necessary for bone, tooth, and brain tissue growth and maintenance.

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Seawater Reverse Osmosis


Entire cities such as Mendocino, CA, and countless homes on private wells are living with this chilling reality. Apparently, recent restrictions on surface water sources for irrigation have forced farmers to dig wells and utilize subterranean groundwater to keep their crops alive. Agricultural water use in the US accounts for 70% of all water use, so it’s no surprise that wells serving cities and private homes have now gone dry.

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