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Vibrant Crystal Water System

Note: This item has been discontinued.
Click here to see the replacement system; Structured Water Reveres Osmosis
The “best” drinking water is often asked for. We spent extensive time developing what we’re convinced is a water system product that produces perfect drinking water which we define as

   – Safe

   – Provides maximum hydration

  – Tastes great

Let’s take a look at the steps it takes to create perfect drinking water as offered in the Vibrant Crystal reverse osmosis treatment system.

First water is filtered down to a 5 micron level. 5 micron size is 1/15 the diameter of a human hair

Second the water goes through multiple filter media that kills residual bacteria, removes chlorine , removes chloramines, removes heavy metals and removes organic compounds

Third water is forced through a membrane with a pore size of .0001 to .002 micron which prevents passage of bacteria , viruses, and cysts while simultaneously removes on average 96.5 % of everything dissolved in the water including pharmaceuticals, uranium and hundreds of other elements and compounds.

Fourth  a water driven pump is employed that maximizes water use efficiency and improves stored water quality

Fifth water passes through a special no odor resin that further reduces any post membrane dissolved solids and adds electrolytes, alkalinity and molecular hydrogen while adjustably increasing the pH.

Sixth water passes through multiple magnetic fields to synthesize water in a stream cutting through the Earth’s magnetic lines

Seventh water goes through a vortex to erase negative messages

Eighth water passes over hematite and quartz crystals to impart natural frequencies

Finally, water runs through coconut based activated carbon to ensure a polished, sophisticated taste

Learn more here.

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