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The Office Water Cooler

Seldom is a business able to provide something to all employees that is appreciated and healthy while simultaneously saving the business money and helping the environment. Office water coolers rented or purchased from VibrantH2O offer a business this opportunity, our cooler does the water filtration for you and never have to buy a refill bottle.

Having a dedicated water cooler tells employees that the boss cares about their health.

Providing fresh, purified drinking water for employees means upper management wants their employees to have access to refreshing, healthy hydration. Office water coolers also cut down on unwanted wandering around the building looking for a water source or heading out to find a drinking fountain. Water coolers add health and efficiency.

Never need a water bottle refill service again.

Unlike other local commercial reverse osmosis water systems, the office water coolers VibrantH2O provides have built-in state of the art Reverse Osmosis filtration systems that produce refreshing, healthful drinking water. The water is chilled to the perfect beverage temperature PLUS a hot water dispenser for making that perfect cup of tea with the same fantastic water.

Another perk of having an office water cooler is the location.

Employees and employers will find the social aspect of a water cooler an appealing break to the sometimes-monotonous work day. While idle chatter shouldn’t be the only reason to have a water cooler, having a space to meet and take a short break will lead to happier employees. If they know they have an unofficial meeting place where they can take a few minutes off, get hydrated and chat with fellow employees or even management, the work staff will be much happier and much more productive.

Whether purchasing or renting an office water cooler, it is less costly than the delivery of huge bottles. With the large bottle system, the finished bottles sit empty, collecting dirt and littering the office. Not the best look for a busy office.

The VibrantH2O office water cooler is also better than bringing in cases of small bottles that are served warm. The quality of the water is often marginal at best and the taste is lacking.

Equally important, the office water coolers eliminate the environmental mess of discarded plastic bottles and the fuel consumed by the huge trucks delivering the large bottles.

No mess, no waste and happy employees all at a cost saving!

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