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The Need For At Home Water Treatment in San Diego

There is a need for at-home water treatment in San Diego and all of Southern California.  Though treated by the municipalities to meet EPA requirements in most cases, there are things that should be done to the water at home that offer numerous benefits to the consumer. They are:

1. Taste and odor removal. As received the water contains residual chlorine and chloramines which are used for bacterial control. Many people find the resulting taste and odor objectionable. There are numerous filters to remove these compounds. We suggest our AQUAFER system that does this, lasts 13+ years with zero services, uses no salt or chemicals, discharges zero water to drain, has no moving parts and uses no electricity.

aquafer, at home water treatment

2. Hard water scale prevention. Scale shortens water heater life, plugs pipes and ruins fixtures. It too can be prevented by the AQUAFER.

3. Prevent hard water interference with soaps, detergents, and shampoos. By altering the form of hardness with a patented process this is done without salt by the AQUAFER.

4. Remove trace heavy metals from water. Although in concentrations below EPA federal limits they often exist and should be avoided. The special filter media within the AQUAFER does the removal. Check it out at  

5. Establish a final bacteria barrier to your facility. There are often non-harmful nuisance bacteria surviving in treated water that cause odors or slime. The media in the AQUAFER is classified as a biocide to kill the bacteria. Info. can be found on

6. Overall health and environmental concerns. Today’s published limits on contaminating items in the water can change and the list will probably grow. Many (not all) bottled waters can protect you but at a terrible environmental cost because of the plastic waste. The answer is a home drinking water reverse osmosis unit such as our DRO-100 WATER SAVER unit.

7. Looking for dangers lurking in your water. Check out by opening and listing your zip code.

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