Water Purification

The Dirty on Clean Water

Having a water filtration system for domestic or commercial use provides a way to have the cleanest water for a variety of applications. However, water filtration is an all-inclusive term that may include dozens of processes and hundreds of process combinations. The best method for purified water isn’t always a straight answer, and when considering water needs, it’s important to consider what the actual needs are. To help you decide we encourage you to first consider:

1. How much water will be treated? For less than 200 gallons daily and/or for flow rates less than 5 GPM, a cartridge system may be the best choice compared to backwashing filters.

2. Utilities available? If considering a filtration system, proximity is key. Will there be an electrical power source and adequate drainage close to the installation point? This can be a deciding factor when choosing. Also, be aware of sewer discharge regulations and costs before buying a new system.

3. Chemical handling? Can the facility handle the weight of regenerating chemicals? Chemical weight and if the treatment location does not favor chemical use your options may be limited. Toxicity and corrosivity should also be considered.

4. Physical size and clearances? Will there be enough room to properly operate and maintain the system? Cartridge replacement requires easy access and clearance for removal. UV lamp replacement also needs adequate clearance for annual lamp replacement.

5. Maintenance cost? The more complex the system, the more money it will cost to maintain. Automatic valves, for instance, have parts that wear down and break. The more moving parts there are, the more that will have to be maintained.

After considering what the actual needs are, it’s time to do some research to find the best water purifier. Visiting the Process Selection Guide at www.vibranth2o.com is a good place to start. If you have questions about these products and services, feel free to call and talk to our engineers at 760-734-5755 or contact us. Vibrant Water builds all types and sizes of water filtration equipment and is committed to creating the best systems for our customers.

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