Reverse Osmosis system San Diego

The Amazing Results of Reverse Osmosis

Clean water for drinking, commercial or industrial purposes can be achieved in a variety of ways. One way in particular is to utilize reverse osmosis to create purified water. Local reverse osmosis water treatment San Diego systems provide clean water that has a variety of applications, but the main job of the RO process, with its very important associated pretreatment, is to:

  • Remove chlorine, chloramines, insecticides, and pesticides
  • Remove 99% of everything dissolved in the water including minerals, metals, salts, and compounds. This includes, but not limited to, hardness, iron, manganese, sodium, arsenic, lead, fluoride, sulfate, alkalinity, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Filter suspended solids to 0.002 microns for the removal of silt, bacteria, viruses, and cysts. This is augmented with ultraviolet light after storage to be certain that all microorganisms are dead or unable to reproduce.

The net result is water quality superior to distilled water done in an efficient and cost-effective way.

After the water is purified it is reconstituted within the whole house system. This reconstituted water is clean and pure making it “better” for the human body. With the whole house system, the purest water is available on-tap for drinking, washing and food preparation. Some of the added benefits of the whole house reverse osmosis system include:

  • Adding bicarbonate alkalinity to the water, increasing the pH to produce an alkaline water
  • Adding magnesium to the water with trace calcium. Essential electrolytes that support health at a cellular level. Magnesium is also helpful for the GI and endocrine systems
  • Adding a small amount of molecular hydrogen to the water which acts as an antioxidant as the ORP becomes negative.
  • The elevated pH and calcium decrease the corrosiveness of the water to protect household plumbing and fixtures.

The water produced by the whole house system isn’t just cleaner, it is also superior to more mainstream water filtration systems. The pure water has the right amount of beneficial minerals added to help increase the health of all who use it.

Reverse osmosis may not be as common as more mainstream filtration systems. The plain fact is, RO systems provide exceptional water quality, far superior to more popular models. The Dime Water whole house reverse osmosis system doesn’t simply create pure water, it creates superior water.

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