Scale Prevention for Tankless Water Heaters

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Vibrant Water Engineering has your Solution for Scale Buildup in Tankless Water Heaters

There are many names for the new trend of water heaters in the United States, instantaneous water heaters, demand water heaters and tankless water heaters. Regardless of what they are called, these systems produce energy efficient hot water for your home or business through heat exchangers similar to the way a radiator in an automobile works. Unlike the standard water heater, there are no large tanks for hot water storage. As the water enters the tankless water heater, it travels through coils of tubing that pass though heat exchangers. The BTUs and heat generated from this process are generally 7 times greater than a standard water heater. This causes an acceleration of the precipitation of dissolved calcium causing a rapid buildup of harmful minerals inside the tankless water heater. For this reason, tankless water heater manufacturers and plumbers are recommending routine flushing and the installation of scale prevention devices and pre-sediment water filters for tankless water heaters.

Vibrant Water offers several options for scale prevention and maintenance for tankless water heaters:

*ESF Scale Prevention
*Aquafer Water Conditioner

Patented, Clinically Tested Scale Prevention Systems

Without the use of Salts, Electricity or Water

scale prevention filterThe ESF works similar to a catalytic converter in an automobile.  As water enters the ESF, it encounters a slight pressure drop which causes crystallization of calcium. The water immediately passes through a catalyst which accelerates the crystallization process.

Next, the water passes over neodymium magnets which are the most powerful magnets in the world.  These magnets hold the calcium crystals in a suspension rendering them harmless.  These harmful crystals are unable to attach themselves to the walls of the plumbing or plumbing fixtures.

*The ESF can be installed on your main water line to protect your entire home or at the inlet of your tankless water heater.

esf water scale filter comparison testThis is an exclusive patented process that Vibrant Water uses.  Copies of the patent and actual clinical tests are available upon your request.  Actual clinical test results: Water was run for 324 days. The pipe on the left is with the ESF as pre-treatment. The pipe on the right is without the ESF.

*Vibrant Water Engineering recommends installing a pre-sediment filter before the ESF to protect your instantaneous water heater from any possible sediment or turbidity buildup as well. The combination of the two virtually eliminates the need for routine flushing and maintenance.

Aquafer Whole House Water Conditioner

The Aquafer is a patented, salt free, no water waste whole house water treatment system that incorporates the ESF internally in its process.  The Aquafer can be installed at your main water line providing you with scale prevention in your entire home, chlorine removal, chloramine and heavy metal reduction, and is anti-microbial as well.  The Aquafer has been installed in thousands of homes throughout the U.S and Canada where water treatment is needed for municipal water supplies.

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