RV Water Filter Systems – Water Filters for Recreational Vehicles

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One of the last things you need to worry about while you are on the road is the water quality.  Every RV park in every city has different water chemistry.  Some areas may have water provided by local wells while others may be municipally supplied with elements such as Fluoride or volatile organics.  Vibrant Water has produced RV water filter systems for recreational vehicles designed and engineered exclusively for use throughout the U.S, Canada and Mexico.  Our multi-stage system offers the following advantages:





1. Patented Catalytic Anti Scaling Device
Our water filters for recreational vehicles protect plumbing, pumps and fixtures from unknown elements of water supplies (up to 25 gpg).  In addition, it lowers the surface tension of the water making it “thinner” much more desirable for bathing and cleaning.
2. 1 Micron Specialty Filtration.
Specialty Filter for removal of Giardia Cysts and other microbial effects.
3. Multi Stage KDF and Hydroxyl Appetite Carbon.
* Heavy Metal Reduction
* Further Anti-Microbial Enhancement
* Fluoride Reduction
* Chlorine and Chloramine Reduction
* Volatile Organic Reduction
* Taste and Odor Enhancement.
4. Accommodates any flow rates needed for any size RV.
5. Simple maintenance and cartridge replacement.
Generic sized cartridges making it easy to find replacement cartridges while traveling.
6. Can be customized to fit in most RV storage areas or made completely portable with wheels.
7. Comes standard with female hose connection for inlet and male hose connection outlet with easy to carry handle for portability.

Vibrant RV Water Filter Systems Available Options:

1. Ultra Violet Disinfection: Protect yourself from unknown water supplies while you are traveling by adding Ultra Violet Disinfection (electrical outlet required)

2. Customize system to meet your dimensions and water treatment needs. Because Vibrant Water is a manufacturer, we have the capability to design and engineer a system that will accommodate your storage and filtration requests.

For more information, customization and pricing contact us at (760) 734-5755.