Water Filter Repair and Service


Reverse Osmosisreverse osmosis under counter unit water filter Filter Cartridge Replacement and Troubleshooting:

In an internet driven world of sales, expert customer service and troubleshooting has been forgotten. With our over 45 years experience in service you can be confident your system will be serviced by the best technicians in the industry today.

Vibrant Water offers service and repair for most Reverse Osmosis Systems.  We offer parts and service from simple replacement cartridges for residential applications to large commercial applications where flatbed trucks are needed so the systems can be brought into our testing facility for upgrading and troubleshooting.


Residential Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Service:

Under Sink systems are fairly simple and straightforward.  These systems require annual maintenance to replace pre-filters, sediment filters and post carbon filters.  If these filters are replaced on a regular basis, the purification membranes will provide you with excellent performance for many years.  In addition to regular service and maintenance, Vibrant also provides reverse osmosis filter replacement cartridges, upgrades, faucet replacement, troubleshooting and leak repair.


Commercial Reverse Osmosis Service:

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems are used for many applications.  From bottled water stores, spot free rinse water for car washes to Type I laboratory grade water for medical and scientific use, these systems operate on the same principal as residential units.  The complex monitoring, post ultra filtration systems, ultra violet disinfection, chemical feed require technicians that are experts and experienced in electrical, water purification troubleshooting.  Because Vibrant Water is an actual manufacturer of Commercial Reverse Osmosis, you can be confident in our technicians, products and pricing.  We operate out of a 10,000 square foot facility that we own, fully staffed and ready to respond to any Commercial Reverse Osmosis need from replacement cartridges and membranes to the servicing of control centers, programmable logic controls, pumps, motors and gauges.