The Maxicure Water Filter Treats Water Without Discharging Salt or Chemicals Into the Environment

maxi cure water filter system

What the Maxi Cure can do for your water:

  • No Chemicals or Salt to Add
  • Can be Custom Designed for Municipal or Well Water Based on Your Water Chemistry
  • No Polluting Chemicals to Drain
  • Reduces Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
  • Provides Quality Water at Every Faucet in Your Home
  • Eliminates the Taste and Odor of Chlorine
  • Improves Plant Growth
  • Soaps and Detergents Last Longer


made-in-the-usaThe Water Filter Applications are Unlimited:

Homes: Reduces Hard Water Scale in Water Heaters, Dish and Clothes
Washers, Better Drinking Water. Perfect for Homes on Wells.
Restaurants: Eliminates Scaling on Ice makers, Boilers. Better Tasting Drinking Water, Coffee, and Teas.
Hospitals: Kitchen Maintenance is Reduced, Better Protection for Autoclaves, Steamers, and Laundry Equipment.
Specialty Applications: Solar Equipment, Car Washes, Cooling Towers, Greenhouses, Pre-Treatment for Large Reverse Osmosis Systems