made-in-the-usaWater Purification Systems for Scientific Laboratories

water purification system

Our replacement cartridges are designed to be the most environmentally friendly in the industry today.

The Ultra Clean deionization vessel (DI) replaces permanently sealed one time use DI resin cartridges used for polishing ultra pure lab water.  This will now give laboratories a way to recycle DI resin and eliminates the need to throw away recyclable thermo plastic housings making this a truly green product.  The end user will also experience a great amount of savings on their yearly operating cost and service budget.  The Dime Lab Water System is a new service concept, adds quality control to the process of producing ultra-pure water.  The scientists will have complete control over the grade of resins utilized for producing their ultra-pure water.  Scientists will be able to use the DI resin specifications data directly from the DI resin manufactures thus giving them confidence in the quality of the resin they are receiving.

System Design

The system can be built in many different configurations using ultraviolet light, bacteria and endotoxin removal filters.  The design of the refillable cartridge gives us the ability to create endless custom designs and flow rates

Water Quality Monitoring

The Dime Lab Water system competes directly in quality.  This is why we use high quality monitoring equipment, with manufactures who are leaders in pure water analytics.  We can monitor resistivity/conductivity, TOC, PH/ORP, and dissolved oxygen.  The Dime Lab Water System is truly a green product.  Simply the best in ultra clean lab water purification systems available.

Service and Maintenance

The Dime Lab Water Systems has three several options available:

  1. Service contract: We come in and service and sanitize the system for you.
  2. Exchange program: Remove the housings and replace with a refilled ready to install cartridge.  Ship the used cartridge back to us and we will sanitize and refill with fresh resin when you place your next order.
  3. Perform self service with a service kit which includes DI resin, final filter, UV lamp replacement and a procedure for sanitizing the system when required.