Aquafer Water Conditioner Installation Instructions
Aquafer Water Conditioner Installation Diagram

auqafer water conditioner installation

You have just received the ultimate water conditioner device!

Before proceeding with the actual installation information, take a few moments to read about this incredible way of treating water for homes and businesses.

First and foremost let us thank you for having the goods conscience to help the World save water and eliminate putting salt into the environment. Our current users of this product are saving 25,000,000 gallons of precious water EACH YEAR for their fellow citizens and this number grows with each purchase and the total savings since the release of the product is estimated to be at least 500,000,000 (1/2 BILLION) gallons as of January 2020. Add to that the reduction of discharge salt of 5,000,000 pounds EACH YEAR and a total of 125,000,000 pounds and you can see why we are truly excited.

Why is water preservation so important? We offer a couple of examples. First, China. With its nearly 100% polluted surface water supplies she relies on wells for industry, agriculture, and human consumption. Much of their clean water comes from a huge aquifer under the North China Plain. This source is dropping at over 5 ft. per year — what will such a country do if they run out of water? Closer to home in the eight states comprising the Great Plains is another example. There lies the Ogallala aquifer. It supplies the water that produces about 1/3 of the food we have in the U.S. It is being withdrawn at almost 5 ft. per year and nature is replacing it at only a few inches a year. Once you realize that it takes 1,000 pounds (120 gallons) of water to produce 1 pound of edible grain and 100 pounds of grain PLUS 1,000 gallons of drinkable water to produce 1 pound of beef you can get a feel for the importance of good water to keep us fed. What will we eat when the water is gone?

Within our homes, the primary problems associated with the use of water are related to hardness (high soap consumption, poor cleaning, scale formation to name a few), and taste and odor caused by disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine.

The Aquafer WaterSource water conditioner unit uses a well-refined (in-service Worldwide for over twenty years) catalytic/magnetic device to render the water hardness harmless for up to 72 hours. This is done by converting the hardness from a dissolved contaminant to a sub-micron suspended solid that literally washes through the plumbing system before it can react and form a scale or interfere with the action of soaps and detergents. Powerful long-life rare earth magnets are used so there is no need for an outside power source. The process is self-cleaning and requires no chemicals.

Once the hardness is controlled, the water is exposed to a special media that destroys the residual chlorine and eliminates the taste and odor associated with this chemical. Unlike activated carbon, this media does not adsorb the chlorine so it does not “load up” and requires frequent costly replacement. As added benefits, this media has been demonstrated to reduce trace amounts of heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.) from water and has been classified as a biocide to kill residual bacteria. Because the flow is always in the upward direction there is no resulting need for wasting water for backwash and no need for a valve to control water direction. No valve. No moving parts. No service! The units are stand-alone treatment devices for virtually all clean municipal waters and some clean private well water supplies. Special pre and post-filters as well as laboratory consultation is available for discolored or problematic waters.

O.K. Let’s now begin the process of installation.


  • Please inspect the packaging prior to opening. If there is visible damage make a notation on the bill of lading or the delivery receipt.
  • Carefully cut all four sides of the carton as close to the floor as possible.
  • Slide unit off of the remaining carton base.
  • Lift the carton up and over the top of the unit. Discard.
  • Peel the protective plastic film off of the stainless steel outer tank. Discard.
  • Inspect the unit for concealed damage to the outer stainless steel tank. Report to carrier if necessary.


  1. Refer to the attached drawing. Identify the yoke (pipe connector) from the
    options are shown – male or female pipe, brass or plastic, etc.
  2. If a by-pass valve was included:
    (1) Refer to the sketch and attach to the head that is on the top of the tank. Be
    sure that all mating surfaces are clean and free of any debris. Wipe with a soft lint-free cloth. Lubricate the O-rings with a light film of silicone
    grease or a few drops of liquid hand or dish soap. When properly installed
    the two handles will be on top facing the ceiling.
    (2) Secure in place with the clips provided on the by-pass and snug (do not overtighten) the screws provided.

NOTE: When viewing the unit from the BACK the inlet (untreated water) MUST enter the port on the RIGHT side. Treated water MUST exit the unit from the LEFT port. Failure to follow these instructions will cause plumbing problems and costly unit damage. Do NOT go any farther if you have any confusion about this portion of the instructions!

Turn off water supply and proceed to next step.


Be certain to follow good assembly practices and any applicable local plumbing codes.

NOTE: Some key distributors offer an excellent option to the Aquafer. It consists of an inlet five (5) micron filter and an outlet carbon block filter. The inlet filter adds life to the system by collecting any debris in the water supply and the carbon block removes trace Volatile Organic Compounds as well as providing the ultimate in taste.

If this option is provided, the white light weight 5 micron cartridge is on the INLET and the heavier carbon block is on the OUTLET.

It is best to install these filter housings before proceeding with the installation of the
Aquafer. Simply notice the in and out that are embossed on each of the filters and follow the water flow accordingly.

  1. Attach the yoke assembly to the by-pass valve if provided or directly to the in-out head if a by-pass was not included. Follow the cleaning instructions above. DO NOT FIRMLY ATTACH.
  2. Set the unit adjacent to the pipes and in the spot where you wish the final location to be.
  3. Take all necessary measurements and proceed to cut pipes and apply fittings.
  4. To avoid damage to the Noryl head on top of the tank, it is extremely important that the pipes line up properly with the fitting and that there is no pipe weight transferred to the head. A good procedure is to remove the pipe adapter from the unit at this time and do the attachment to the pipes while it is off of the unit.
  5. Now place the unit and align with the pipe connection yoke. Correct as necessary so that the head on the tank (or the by-pass valve) freely and easily slips into the adapter. Be sure all surfaces are clean and lubricate as indicated above. Secure with the clips provided.


Locate a high flow faucet as close as possible to the unit. Open it all of the way.

SLOWLY turn on the water supply. About 1/8 full open.

Allow water to flow into the unit. Air will be dispelled from the tank through the open faucet.

Allow to flow until there is no more air and water only is exiting from the faucet. NOTE: IF AT ANY TIME YOU NOTICE A FLOW OF THE MEDIA (GOLD COLLORED

Open faucet all of the way and allow water to run until clear. Installation is complete.

Look for and repair any minor leaks.



The Aquafer WaterSource water conditioner units are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation or 121 months from the date of shipment, whichever comes first.

Warranty is only valid to the original owner at the original installation location. Filter media carries a sixty (60) month prorated warranty that will credit 1/60 of current media replacement cost for each unused month. This media warranty is good provided that the unit was properly installed on a water supply in compliance with the specifications of the unit.

Any damages caused by freezing, accident, fire, flood, act of God, misuse, misapplication, neglect, or alterations are not covered by this warranty. Installation or
operation contrary to our written instructions or contrary to advice provided by phone, fax, or requested verbal instructions will void this warranty.

Our obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective parts of the unit. We assume no liability whatsoever for incidental or consequential damages from any cause.

All items under the period of warranty and suspected to be defective in accordance with the above conditions are to be returned prepaid to the manufacturer for inspection. Upon inspection the manufacturer will at their option repair or replace items as needed. If it is determined that the failure is due to conditions not covered by this warranty, then repair or replacement costs shall be borne by the owner of the system.

If there are any uncertainties about this warranty or concerns about the application of the equipment covered by this warranty please contact the selling party or the manufacturer BEFORE installation and start-up of the equipment.