made-in-the-usaWater Treatment for Hotels and Resorts

There are several different needs for water treatment in the Hotel and Resort Industry:

1. Scale build up in Boilers, Plumbing, Fixtures and Ice Makers:

Hard water scale can be a disaster in the Hotel and Resort Industry.  As water passes through boilers and and fixtures, it leaves behind calcium and magnesium minerals that eventually builds up to a point where they can no longer be functional.  Hard water build up in boilers will actually insulate the heating elements forcing them to work harder to heat the water causing a higher energy expense and a premature failure of the machinery.  The icing in the cake is hard water build up on the hot water side is accelerated due to the temperature of the water.  Scale prevention devices such as Vibrant’s patented ESF is an effective way to treat the water.  Vibrant can custom build these devices for any size plumbing as well.  Please see ESF Product under the Scale Prevention Tab at the top of Vibrant’s home page.

Another form of scale prevention is water softening through a mechanical means or water softener.  This process involves ion exchange which removes the calcium and magnesium in exchange for sodium ions.  Water softeners require routine maintenance and salt to assure the exchange process is functioning properly.  Vibrant Water offers a complete line of Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners for the Hotel and Resort Industry.  Because each application is different, please contact us for correct sizing and pricing.


water treatment system water softener

2. Water Spots on Glassware and Dishes:

The only practical way to eliminate water spotting from hard water is mechanical water softening.  In most cases, they are installed on the inlet side of the water heater or boiler that feeds the dish washing area.  This provides protection for the boilers and eliminates water spotting for the restaurant area as well.  Due to the multitude of installation possibilities, please contact Vibrant Water for proper sizing and pricing of equipment.

3. Laundry:

Laundry is a huge expense for the hotel industry and keeping it under control at all times is imperative.  Hard water has proven to be costly in this area.  Chemical additives are needed to soften the water, white sheets will turn gray with hard water, boiler life is reduced, washing machines will accumulate hard water scale and need repair and replacing more frequently.  Scale prevention devices such as the Vibrant ESF system or water softeners will be most effective in these areas.  Vibrant Water will typically meet with the facilities manager to discuss the possibility of installing equipment that will treat the water for several needs at one location, making it more economical and productive.


4. Bathing and Customer Use:

Customers frequently complain hotels provide them with poor quality soaps and conditioners.  Little do they know its actually the hard water that is causing the issue.  Because the water quality is different throughout the country, the hardness will vary.  Just a small amount of hardness will deem soaps and conditioners useless.  Some hotels will install water softeners on the boilers which feed the entire facility.  This takes care of the laundry, restaurants and blends the cold hard water with soft hot water in the hotel rooms.  This usually provides the customer with aesthetically pleasing water in their room.

5. Drinking Water:

In most cases, point of use water filters are placed a the desired locations where coffee, juices and beverages are provided which is usually in the restaurant areas.  They are typically taste and odor filters which included sediment and turbidity filtration along with a carbon filter to improve the taste and for removal of organics (pesticides, chlorine, etc.) Vibrant Water offers a wide variety of water filtration systems for many different applications.  Contact Vibrant Water for proper recommendations, sizing and price. Remember coffee, juices and most beverages are 98% water. Better quality water will provide your customers with better tasting beverages.

With all that being said, there are practical solutions to treat the water for the Hotel and Resort owner.  Many times water treatment can be installed on water lines that feed many different locations of the facility.  During new construction, Vibrant Water’s engineers can work with contractors to providing the most effective water treatment for the most economical price.