made-in-the-usaAlternative to Water Softeners

ESF Water Scale Filter- Chemical free Scale Prevention
The most effective, environmentally friendly SALT FREE scale preventer in the industry today

esf water scale filter

* Eliminates harmful effects of hard water
* Prevents scale build up
* Protects your water appliances
* Improves plant growth
* Soaps and detergents last longer
* Prevents bathtub ring
* No chemicals or salt to add
* No polluting chemicals to the drain
* No Electricity

* Used by many water treatment manufacturers as pre treatment to protect their equipment from hard water scale build up.

HOMES: Prevents scale buildup in plumbing, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and fixtures.

LANDSCAPING: Lowers the surface tension of the water and improves soil percolation and better root propagation.

RESTAURANTS: Prevents scale build-up in dishwashers, ice makers, steamers, and coffee makers.

HOSPITALS: Kitchen maintenance is reduced, protection for autoclaves, steam tables and laundry equipment.

Used for scale prevention pre-treatment for commercial reverse osmosis systems, car washes, cooling towers, greenhouses and many more.

1.  Water enters a spring loaded chamber which creates a small pressure drop.  This pressure drop immediately initiates the formation of calcium hardness crystals.
2.  The calcium hardness crystals pass through a catalytic surface which greatly multiplies the number or crystals.  We have patented these two steps and this is what sets us apart from similar products.
3.  The next step has the calcium crystals pass through a strong magnetic field which serves to hold the crystals in suspension for up to 72 hours rendering them harmless to your plumbing, water appliances and plumbing fixtures.  This process bonds the calcium ions to each other rather than to your plumbing.  The ESF will produce water that is much easier to clean (water spots) and no elbow grease is needed.  In addition, the surface tension of the water is greatly reduced, resulting in a higher quality of water absorption in the human body and plant life.