reverse osmosis under counter unit


 Size: Unit 16”W x17”H x8”D – Tank 9”Dia. x  15”H

Storage:  1.9 gal.@50PSI

Ship Wt.: 30 lbs

Includes :

– Unit, Tank with valve

– Faucet*

– Inlet 1/4 turn valve

– Drain saddle fitting, all lines, and fittings

– Full instructions and Warranty

*Chrome long reach std.

Many other options available!

One System Does It All – Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis

Removes up to 95% of all elements dissolved in water including fluoride, lead, arsenic, chromium, salt, nitrate, pharmaceuticals, and sulfate along with hundreds of others

– Filters water to 0.002 microns (1/37,000 size of human hair) for crystal clarity and a barrier against bacteria, viruses, and cysts

– Eliminates the taste, odors and health damages caused by chlorine and chloramines found in virtually all municipal water sources

– Adds an adjustable level of natural calcium and magnesium electrolytes to the water for  improved cellular health and taste

– Adds an adjustable level of alkalinity to the water for in-home alkaline water

– Adds molecular hydrogen to produce a negative ORP anti-oxidant water for healthier cells

– Produces up to 100 gallons of treated water daily

– Operates at up to 76% water efficiency — 1/4 wasted water than most competitive systems

– Constructed in the USA utilizing NSF listed components

VibrantH2O is a major manufacturer of water treatment products for homes, businesses, commercial, and industry. Included are many unique non-chemical processes and low or no discharge to drain items with exceptionally long life and no service needed, same as our Aquafer product.