Water Filters for the Cosmetic Industry

Demineralized Water for the Cosmetic Industry:

Any type of product from the Cosmetic Industry starts out with distilled water or demineralized water.  Lotions, soaps and conditioners are made of up to 98% water. Cosmetic manufacturers will usually have their own laboratories where they create, test and sample their products.  Many kinds of additives will react negatively when added to water that has any type of element in it so their engineers and scientists insist there is nothing in the water before they begin to create a beauty product. Vibrant water has provided many companies with just such products.  Depending on the company’s requirements, the water is typically treated with reverse osmosis, then placed into containment or storage which the water is then kept in a 24/7 re-circulation process.  As the water is recirculated, it is passed through Ultraviolet disinfection to assure no organisms are in the water as well.  When the water is needed for production, it again passes through Micro Filtration and Ultraviolet Disinfection, assuring the end user of the highest quality product water.

The picture below is an example of a Type-3 water system engineered and manufactured for a cosmetics customer in 2016.


demineralized water treatment system

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