chemical feed systems

A well designed chemical feed system can be an important part of an effective water treatment program.  If a chemical feed system is not engineered correctly, chemical control will not meet requirements or specifications, water treatment may be incorrect, and operating costs can be be excessive.  Some of the costly issues associated with improper chemical treatment:

  • excessive chemical costs due to overfeed and improper settings.
  • inconsistent product water quality, reduced output, and electrical costs due to waterside fouling
  • high corrosion and equipment maintenance and replacement (plugging or replacing corroded heat exchange tubes or bundles)
  • high labor costs due to an excessive requirement for operator attention
  • possibility of severe and widespread damage to equipment from poor control or spillage of acid into cooling towers

An investment in a dependable chemical feed system can be justified when comparing with the high cost of these control problems.  When a chemical feed system is not properly engineered, chemical levels are often injecting incorrect amounts of chemicals.  The use of a correctly designed chemical feed system is essential .

Chemical feed systems can be categorized depending on the components used, the type of chemical to be fed (powder or liquid), the type of control used, and the water treatment application.

Vibrant Water Engineering has pre-engineered chemical feed systems or we can custom design a chemical feed for your specific water treatment needs.