made-in-the-usaBackwashing Water Filters


Vibrant Water offers a wide variety of backwashing water filters.  Based on your water treatment requirements, we can put in many different types of media to treat a multitude of water related issues.

Media Type Solution:backwashing water filters

Acid Washed Carbon Taste and Odor
Catalytic Carbon Taste and Odor and H2S
Manganese Greensand Iron and Magnesium
MTM Iron Removal Iron and Magnesium
Birm Iron and Magnesium (no backwashing)
Filter AG Turbidity Removal
Filter AG Plus 2 Micron Turbidity Removal
Garnet Support Media
Multi Media Blended based on Conditions
Pyrolox Non Chemical Iron, H2S, manganese
Calcite Raises PH
Corosex Raises PH
KDF Chlorine and Heavy Metals
Anthracite Turbidity
Standard Resin Softening and Low Iron
Fine Mesh Resin Softening and All Iron
Nitrate Resin Nitrates and Sulfates
Tannin Resin Tannins
Cation Hydrogen Resin Cation Removal
Anion Hydroxyl Resin Anion Removal
Mixed Bed Resin Anion and Cation Removal


These systems can be built for residential, light commercial or heavy industrial applications.

If your water source is a lake, well, municipal these units provide excellent treatment for
whatever your ultimate water treatment goal may be.