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Vibrant Crystal Water System

The “best” drinking water is often asked for. We spent extensive time developing what we’re convinced is a product that produces perfect drinking water which we define as    – Safe    – Provides maximum hydration   – Tastes great Let’s take a look at the steps it takes to create perfect drinking water as offered […]

Organic Gardening: Water Matters

Gardening is an art. It’s so much more than simply watering dirt and ensuring 2-4 hours of direct sunlight. Each type of plant requires specific care for optimal health. A gardener enjoys working with her hands, reaping the colorful, vibrant benefits of what she sows. As with any artist, one requires the correct tools and […]

The Dirty on Clean Water

Having a water filtration system for domestic or commercial use provides a way to have the cleanest water for a variety of applications. However, water filtration is an all-inclusive term that may include dozens of processes and hundreds of process combinations. The best method for purified water isn’t always a straight answer, and when considering […]

The Amazing Results of Reverse Osmosis

Clean water for drinking, commercial or industrial purposes can be achieved in a variety of ways. One way in particular is to utilize reverse osmosis to create purified water. Local reverse osmosis water treatment San Diego systems provide clean water that has a variety of applications, but the main job of the RO process, with […]

The Office Water Cooler

Seldom is a business able to provide something to all employees that is appreciated and healthy while simultaneously saving the business money and helping the environment. Office water coolers rented or purchased from VibrantH2O offer a business this opportunity, our cooler does the water filtration for you and never have to buy a refill bottle. […]