made-in-the-usaAquafer Whole House Water Conditioner

Aquafer Water Filter, Patented Salt-Free Water Conditioners for Today’s Environment

The Aquafer Water Source Treats Municipal Water Supplies Without Exposing You or the Environment to Salt or Chemicals.  No Water Waste, No Electrical Waste.

whole house water softener

What does the Aquafer Do?

  • Scale Prevention to Protect Your Plumbing and Fixtures
  • Reduces Heavy Metals such as Lead and Mercury
  • Maintenance free for up to 10-13 years
  • Controls the Growth of Microbial Contaminants
  • Removes Chlorine and Reduces Chloramines
  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Lowers the Surface Tension of the Water
  • Improves the Taste of Water and Eliminates Odors
  • Improves Plant Growth
  • Showers and Bathing are Healthier and Enjoyable (chlorine removal)
  • Soaps and Detergents Last Longer
  • Reduces Bathtub Ring
  • Eliminates Hard Water Effects of Calcium and Magnesium
  • Can be Engineered for Flow Rates up to 80 GPM

*No Chemicals or Salt to Add
*No Water or Electrical Waste


Through a patented complex distribution system, water flows through the Aquafer in an up flow direction.  Your water passes through a spring loaded chamber creating a slight pressure drop.  This pressure drop initiates the formation of hardness crystals.  These crystals then pass through a catalytic surface (similar to a catalytic converter in a car) which greatly multiplies the crystals.  The multitude of hardness crystals pass through a strong magnetic field which serves to hold the hardness crystals in suspension for a period of up to 72 hours.  This entire process binds hardness particles to each other rather than to your plumbing and fixtures.  The next step is to pass the water through an element / media called Kenetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF.  The KDF redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants.  This give and take process converts many contaminants into harmless components.  Chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals such as lead and mercury are removed and microbial contaminants are controlled as well.  The water then exits the Aquafer and enters your home or business providing you with many years of maintenance free, safe and healthy water.


ESF-Test-Comparison-450x275Actual test results of the Aquafer Water Source.

The identical water was passed through each pipe supply.

The pipe on the left (Aquafer) shows virtually no scale build up.  The pipe on the right with untreated water shows otherwise.

We are so confident the Aquafer Whole House Water Conditioner is the most efficient system available that we use them on all of our Commercial Reverse Osmosis for the pre-treatment of scale prevention.  Effective scale prevention pre-treatment is imperative in commercial reverse osmosis as it has a direct effect on the life of the purification membranes of the system.

The Aquafer Water Whole House Water Conditioner has a world of applications:

Organic Gardening:

Removes chlorine for healthier and safer produce and a healthier you.  Lowers the surface tension of the water for better root propagation, soil percolation, and hydration.


Improves ice makers, longer life for coffee makers, better drinking water, coffee and juices.  Kitchen maintenance is reduced.


Better protection for autoclaves, steam tables, and laundry equipment.

Specialty Applications:

Solar Equipment, Car Washes, Cooling Towers, Greenhouses and much more.  Patented design and process of the Aquafer.


Aquafer Specifications

Model # Home Size Sq Feet Tank Size Max Flow GPM Media Life Million Gal *Shipping Weight
AWS-8 2200 8 x 44 8 1,500,000 100
AWS-9 3500 9 x 48 10 2,000,000 120
AWS-10 5000 10 x 54 12 2,500,000 145
AWS-12HF 10,000 + 12 x 52 19 3,300,000 185
AWS-12-1.5 10,000 + 12 x 52 30 3,300,000 190
AWS-13-1.5 10,000 + 14 x 65 40 4,000,000 210
AWS-14-1.5 10,000 + 14 x 65 50 5,000,000 245
AWS-14-2 10,000 + 14 x 65 70 8,000,000 360

Beware of Imitators!

The Aquafer Water Source has a patented design and process.  Because of the effectiveness of the Aquafer, others have unsuccessfully attempted to duplicate it.

The Aquafer is the Patented, Original and Time Tested Water Conditioning system that uses no water, no chemicals, no salt and no electricity and lasts for MILLIONS OF GALLONS.  See our Aquafer FAQ for additional details.

Earth Friendly Water Systems:

Vibrant water specializes in selling factory direct water conditioning products.  Based in Vista, California Vibrant offers products throughout the United States and Internationally.  In addition Vibrant Water offers installation and service in Southern California.