made-in-the-usaNatures Balance Alkaline Water System

Vibrant agrees with nutritionists that everything put into your water should be natural.

If you also agree, you should know all water ionizers produce mechanically alkaline water.  You have a choice.  Choose Vibrant’s 100% natural alkaline water system and get true benefits from alkaline and electrolyte enhanced water.

Alkaline Water Systems

Facts About Water Ionizers

Water ionizers dissect water molecules with conductivity and electricity to mechanically produce alkaline water. Why is this not natural? All water in nature has a pH that is related to the minerals in the water. When you drink alkaline water, the body assumes it is receiving alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The problem with mechanically ionized water is the difference between the pH of the water that has been treated mechanically and the actual minerals present in the water.

Increased stress and diets of processed and artificial foods cause excess of acidic conditions in the body. The body is perfectly capable of balancing its own pH and uses alkaline minerals to buffer acid. Today’s lifestyle has depleted our alkaline mineral reserves resulting in many people being overly acidic. This is a precursor to many diseases which is known as acidosis.

With our experience in the water treatment industry along with our chief engineer who specializes in nutrition as well, it is our belief the most effective way to drink alkaline water is to purify it and remove all the contaminants to make it safe, then raise the pH naturally with a Magnesium electrolyte, Calcium or a blend of both. .

Drink Alkaline Water Nature’s Way with Vibrant Alkaline Boost and Electrolyte Balance Water Purification System:

*Adjustable to your specific requirements for taste, pH and Electrolyte Balancing
*Your Choice of a Magnesium Electrolyte, Calcium or a blend is used for pH boost.
*Can be engineered for small residential or large commercial/industrial applications.
*No Ionizer used in our process
*Separate faucet at your kitchen sink for drinking water and cooking.
*Can be connected to most ice makers.
*Dual meter digital display shows inlet and product water quality.

Nature’s Balanced Alkaline Water Systems:

How Nature’s Balanced Works:
1. Pre-Filtration. Water Passes though a 1 micron pre filter to remove sediment and turbidity for the water.
2. Carbon Filtration. Water Passes though a Catalytic Carbon Filter to remove chlorine, chloramines and volatile organics. The first two steps are done to protect the actual purification membrane for longer life.
3. Purification Membrane. Water molecules pass though a semi permeable, thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane. Remainder of contaminants and dissolved solids are removed up to 99%.
4. Impurities are kept on the back side of the membrane and are washed off then sent to your drain.
5. Purified Water is sent to a storage tank where it is kept in an air tight container made of inert products.
6. Purified Water is sent through a final coconut shell carbon filter for removal of any possible odors and to enhance the natural taste.
7. Upon your demand for Alkaline Water, water exits storage tank and passes though our adjustable pH boost system. Alkalinity is raised naturally by adding magnesium or calcium electrolytes or a blend of both based on your personal preference.
8. After pH is raised to your specifications, water again passes though a natural coconut shell carbon cartridge for final enhancement of flavor.

pH Pro Alkaline System for Existing RO Systems

The pH Pro is an add-on system for existing Reverse Osmosis or point-of-use filtration that allows for the addition of Calcium or Magnesium minerals.  Adjustable valves provide the ability to tweak the product water for taste and mineral balance.


Alkaline Water Systems