Alternating Twin Commercial Water Softeners


Alternating Twin Water Softeners are designed to provide customers who need uninterrupted soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Alternating Twin Softeners are controlled by meters.  When one tank has exhausted it’s capacity, the second tank goes into operation to soften the water.  The exhausted tank goes into immediate regeneration so it will be available when the second tank has expired.

The AFT series of Alternating Twin Softeners Vibrant Manufactures uses custom valves that makes installation very simple and economical.

Alternating Twin Softeners are typically used in such applications as: Boiler Treatment,
Cooling Towers, Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment, Hotels/Motels and Large Homes.


Model NumberTank CapacityTank SizeServ. Flow ContinualServ. FlowPeakBrine TankSizeShip Wt
AFT-16-116,0008 x 44101218 x 40120
AFT-24-124,0008 x 44121618 x 40160
AFT-32-132,0009 x 48131718 x 40180
AFT-48-148,00010 x 54131818 x 40230
AFT-64-164,00012 x 48121618 x 40300
AFT-80-180,00013 x 54141718 x 40380
AFT-90-190,00014 x 65151818 x 40600
AFT-64-1.564,00012 x 52283924 x 40500
AFT-90-1.590,00014 x 65314224 x 40650
AFT-120-1.5120,00016 x 65344624 x 40800
AFT-150-1.5150,00018 x 65425624 x 40900
AFT-180-1.5180,00018 x 65415424 x 401080
AFT-210-1.5210,00021 x 62395224 x 401150
AFT-240-1.5240,00024 x 72435724 x 401400
AFT-270-1.5270,00024 x 72425524 x 401600
AFT-300-1.5300,00024 x 72415424 x 401700
AFT-450-1.5450,00030 x 72456224 x 402500